Patents: Thank you, Stan. Getting this patent means a great deal to me and my wife.  We very much appreciate your efforts.  Talk to you soon.  Have a great summer. -- JM

Child custody support: When my former boyfriend refused to pay child support or discuss a parenting plan with me and was not returning our child after the weekends were over I hired Mr. Sastry. Mr. Sastry is a real straight talker. He knew what forms were needed by the court and there was even a form that my best friend, who had the same problem, had never heard of before. He always reminded me when I was due in court and never missed a deadline for filing papers. He was very helpful and having someone to talk to and tell me what the possible outcomes were really helped me deal with the stress so I could focus on being a good parent and maintaining custody of my son. His fees were reasonable and I got peace of mind knowing that court filings were being done right on-time the first time. Some of my friends did their own court filings but a knowledgeable lawyer is really a good investment and doesn't cost that much when you consider the time and money you can save when you get the job done right the first time. I got my son back and I have a parenting plan in place now and child support is finally coming. I would definitely recommend Mr. Sastry for family law matters. ---Martina


Intellectual Property: Patent: Thank you Stan for doing my Patent. I very much appreciate your help, advice and input. You and your family have a safe and fun 4th.


Intellectual property: Trademark: Thanks Stan for getting a Trademark and a Patent! Have a great holiday weekend. R.H.K.


Divorce: Thank you Stan, you made it so easy! -- MB


Personal Injury: When my husband was injured the insurance company refused to pay my husbands medical bills. I contacted Mr. Sastry.  He responded right away.  He contacted the insurance company lawyers and adjustors and negotiated a good settlement for us.  Mr. Sastry was persistent and tough.   The insurance company paid all expenses and more.  We are very satisfied with the outcome.-- Helen


Child Support and alimony: My ex wife sued me for extra alimony and child support beyond what she was entitled to get. I hired Stan Sastry to defend me.  He stopped the harassment and put an end to the over the top alimony and child support my ex was demanding.  He even appealed my case and stopped my ex.  Thank you Stan! You did an outstanding job. We may need you again in the coming months. -- Kevin


Contract Issue: My contract with a company I was dealing with did not go through.  The company was making threats to get me to pay them way more than the contrtact.  I contacted Stan Sastry law office.  They worked very hard to get the company to back off from their demands and broken promises.  Stan got me a settlement I could handle.  The outcome was everything I could ask for, actually better than I hoped, or wished.  THANK YOU.--Anna






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